Competitive Digital Marketing Ideas During Coronavirus Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has put fame on all aspects and fields and yes digital marketing is no exception. Many businesses are experiencing unplanned downtime due to pandemic. As we are facing downtime it is necessary to boost our knowledge and style for global changes to cope with the pandemic effectively.

Consumers have been turning to more Digital

As many of us have observed, during lockdown consumers have been turning to digital more and more. So many of us believe that digital marketing is the key strategy to stay connected with your existing customers and find out new ones at the same time.

Consumer behavior is constantly evolving. One good part is brands have already started to plan for the new normal.

Changes to marketing Post Pandemic

As a business owner or consumer, the best thing is to keep track of what is going around you. Always think for the long-term and take decisions accordingly.

Depending upon the industry some of the changes will affect you more than others.

Even after the pandemic is over, there will be chances for workers in every market.

Has your business struggled during the current situation?

We should understand, it is necessary to boost global governance to cope up with the pandemic effectively.

Go through these useful tips I am following with my customers during this COVID-19 and get ready for the post-pandemic growth of your business.

Tip 1: Increase in Online selling and purchasing

Coronavirus has rapidly shifted the mindset of people for online shopping. People have recently been forced by themselves to purchase and sell online and enjoy doing this and it is very easy to shop online. And when it comes to marketing going online is a necessity. Customers are there to judge your brand through online perception.

Providing your marketing service is hassle-free and smooth.

Though the ad budgets of social media platforms have decreased. But we are hoping once we enter into the post-pandemic world and restart the work on social media ads, we will effectively get the same budget which is suitable.

Tip 2: Review your Website

I think this is the best time to review your website, so utilize this time to review your website. Make sure all of the links on your website are working fine and the “inquiry form” is working fine. If you feel your website is running slow then use this time to work on your site. Check out your keywords, images, messages that are up to date, and needed and placed on your website for the right purpose.

Tip 3: Keep in touch with Existing Customers

The perfect way to keep in touch with your existing customer is through Email marketing.

Do follow some schedule to send them emails. At least a monthly email to existing customers will help your business stay top of their mind. If you have some updates in your business then let them know by email. Though you don’t have any updates, then also send them an email that states that you will be coming with an update soon.

Sometimes email pop-ups grab their attention and remind them what they used to purchase from you. It is important to know email opening rates have increased by 20% compared to April-2019? People have changed their mindset of opening and reading emails rather than keeping unread in the inbox during this COVID-19.

Tip 4: Adaptability

Adaptability is an essential element for surviving all species on this earth.

As a business owner, you should first adapt to this COVID-19 change in your business.

Once you learn to adapt it is easy for you to tell your customer to adapt to the changes in your business. Inform them that business is still providing the service but online. You’re available online to support them. And make sure that your website is up to date with a proper call to action button.

Tip 5: Encouragement and Reassurance for your Business

Those who don’t have their business online were closed for almost 3 months. It is your responsibility to make your customers feel safe and assured about your business reopening soon. For many businesses working staff is not ready to come back so it’s your first job to make them feel safe and secure. As a digital marketer, it is our job to discuss and educate our staff and customers for their safety and encourage them to work and stay connected with us and our services.

Tip 6: Review your Digital Marketing Budget

During this pandemic period, it is necessary to review your digital marketing budget.

Make a note of the services for which you’re paying. Think twice: are those services needed for your business right now? See if you can cut down to some paid subscriptions or services for the time being. As almost everyone is working from home so one can cut down the budget on actual primes of your business to some extent.

Tip 7: Learn more about Digital Marketing terms and strategies

It is better to be late than never. Use this time to brush up your Digital Marketing term and make yourself ready for the post-pandemic period. And grow your confidence and capability in the most changing field – Digital Marketing. Google also introduces new things and updates algorithms, this may affect customer requirements shortly. So be ready and prepare yourself for the change.

If you like to take classes then you can take digital marketing classes, this will build your confidence and brush up your Digital Marketing concepts.

And Finally, use your time wisely for budget, reviewing and retaining your customers, learning new things, going online in this pandemic period, and prepare yourself to grow yourself and your business beyond the COVID-19.


Marketing your business during the Coronavirus pandemic is a very challenging job.

And Digital Marketing is a proven and important aspect of online business. As a business owner, your most important responsibility is to solve the problem of your customers and provide them good service. Once you come to know what are the problems they are facing you can work on them to create your marketing communication strategies.