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Best Google Ads & PPC Company in Pune

Pay per click is a paid advertising structure that most brands use to promote offerings, gain traction and raise recognition from a specific target.

As a popular PPC marketing Company in pune , Digital Zeromile Infotech provides various PPC management and Google ads services to get new clients that ultimately leads to taking your business a level up.

We are known as a trusted pioneer in PPC/Google Ads. As a business owner you should come up with digital marketing objectives like, improve brand visibility, new traffic, and reduced costs etc. with our  services we assist you to achieve such digital marketing objectives.

Digital Zeromile Infotech is the top PPC Agency in Pune, India.We provide result driven PPC campaign  to get best ROI for your business.

    What is PPC?

    Pay-per-click (PPC) is an online advertising model in which an advertiser pays a publisher every time an advertisement link is “clicked” on. PPC is known as the cost-per-click (CPC) model. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads are the most popular platforms for PPC advertising.

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    SEO vs PPC?

    If you are confused between SEO vs PPC and which will be the best choice for your business, here is a comparision between SEO vs PPC


    SEO is the practice of getting targeted traffic to a website from a search engine's organic rankings by optimizing your web pages, and PPC are ads that you pay for, appearing at the top and foot of search engine results pages - SERPs, or displayed on other websites.



    The key difference between SEO and PPC is that the first is free while the other is paid. And another difference is as PPC is paid ads it appears at the top of the SERP and SEO influenced results not necessarily be shown on the top. In many scenarios, SEO and PPC work great when integrated and strategically aligned.

    How does PPC services work?

    PPC advertising is a keyword-oriented marketing strategy. PPC campaign management services like Adwords assign a value to different search terms and phrases based on their competition, search volume, difficulty level. The more advertisers competing for the same keyword, the higher the keyword price.

    As many of us know Google – Marketing platform homepage has limited Google pay per click advertising slots. That’s why it is a kind of struggle to claim your PPC on Google’s home page.Though advertisers wish to rank on top in SERP but they are not ready to pay higher to increase their Google PPC ads’ prominence.

    PPC ads and Google pay per click are subject to ad auction. This pertains to an automated process used by search engines to determine the importance and effectiveness of advertisements that appear on their SERPs. You must ensure your Google pay per click ads have a good Quality Score to lower your cost per click (CPC) and boost your ad position.

    To obtain a good Quality Score, your pay-per-click ads must be relevant to your target demographics, include valuable keywords, receive high click-through rates (CTRs) and drive prospects to an SEO-optimized landing page.

    Don’t have enough time to look into PPC audit and launch your pay per click campaign, hire us for your PPC services to our pay per click management company and let us do the professional work for you.

    Types of PPC services ?

    There are different types of PPC marketing campaigns that can help you promote your services to the right audience and build your online presence. Our pay per click advertising agency works intimately with your team to determine the appropriate PPC ads that you can use to fill your sales funnel.

    There are different types of pay per click ads available, depending on your objectives:

    Search Ads

    Search advertising is the most common form of paid search marketing. Search ads appear to prospects who are already looking for your industry or brand offerings online. These pay per click ads are suitable for one-time campaign promotions and for short sales cycles. Our pay per click advertising agency recommends search advertising to businesses aiming to acquire high-quality and strong leads from new customers.

    Display Ads

    Display advertising is known for its effectiveness in reaching more than 90 percent of online users. Display ads appear on Google’s partner websites, targeting people who visited industry-related sites. Display advertising maximizes texts and photos to capture the online users’ attention and convince them to take action. Our pay per click advertising agency recommends display advertising to companies with lengthy sales cycles and niche or luxury customers.

    Social Ads

    Social media paid advertising is the fastest-growing segment of pay per click advertising services. Social ads appear on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. They are programmed to reach prospects based on their hobbies, networks and interests, among other factors. Social media advertising is suitable for brands with an active social media presence and highly-targeted customers.

    Remarketing Ads

    Remarketing is one of the best ways to reach high-converting customers and double your turnovers. Remarketing ads remind people who have already visited your website to come back and compel them to convert. Unlike search ads, remarketing is relatively cheaper because there is lower competition and highly targeted customer divisions. Our PPC marketing company uses brilliant PPC ad strategy and extensions to produce significant results with your PPC campaign.

    Google Shopping Ads

    Google Shopping ads are suitable for websites with a large volume of products. These PPC ads appear in a carousel above or beside the main Google search results, allowing prospects to view the products and prices on Google SERP before they even click onto anyone’s website. We recommend Google Shopping to eCommerce businesses aiming to reach customers with clear buying intent.

    Local Services Ads

    Local service ads follow a pay per lead model. This means you don’t have to pay for clicks that don’t turn into leads. Local services advertising is only applicable to a few markets, including HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers and locksmiths. Our PPC management team partners with local service providers to make their businesses more noticeable to their target demographics.

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    Why does your business needs a PPC marketing agency

    Pay per click advertising is a powerful digital marketing approach to maximize your ROI and increase your conversions. Data-driven PPC management services create valuable opportunities to improve your profitability and to connect your brand with genuine customers.

    Here are the main reasons why you need PPC marketing services.


    One-time Campaign Promotions

    Pay per click services allow you to drive one-time campaign promotions and run short-term sales cycles. Pay per click advertising is a cost-effective way to distinguish PPC campaigns by priority and introduce your new products and services to the online marketplace.If you have a short budget to appliance on-going digital marketing efforts then PPC is the best and most effective approach to go with!

    Fast Results

    PPC = immediate results! The biggest advantage of pay per click advertising services is you can get instant results from the launched campaign. Once our pay per click advertising company has set up your PPC campaign, you can see the results overnight. However, keep in mind that the first three months typically serve as a testing period. This means to get more desired and favorable results, you need to gather valued data and continuously improve your campaign’s overall performance.

    Instant and Consistent Traffic

    PPC management works effectively with SEO in raising brand exposure and attracting targeted traffic to your website. PPC is the effective and fastest method to run paid search campaigns, kick off marketing efforts and get clicks and instant traffic from keen and excited customers.

    Quick Analysis

    PPC ads A/B split testing is an integral part of your pay per click advertising campaign. After quick analysis our PPC experts create different versions of your PPC ads to validate which campaign to launch and optimize to generate the highest possible conversion rate.

    Easy to Start

    Paid search marketing comes up with a step-by-step guide to help beginners and marketers to start with their ad creation. Though you don’t have any knowledge of PPC and of your competitors, you can get your campaign up and running in no time with small help from our devoted PPC management team.

    Improved Brand Visibility

    PPC ads services help in improving your brand visibility.It helps your products and services showing up in the places where your targeted customers are spending their quality time. PPC advertising captures the awareness phase of your marketing funnel and gets more prospects and high-converting customers to notice your brand.

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    How do we do PPC marketing

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    Sharing information from the clients and making everything transparent
    Content Optimization
    Provide non plagiarised, and appealing content.
    Cost-efficient and time managed service
    We are the team of passionate digital marketers from India

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    Digital Zeromile have a team of extremely talented young as well as experienced professionals who constantly work day in and out to with the aim to fulfil the requirements of our clients in every possible way.

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